Sunday, March 21, 2010

A virtual experience pruning espaliers and fruit trees: YouTube

I don't know why I'm always still surprised to see so many people sharing their information and talents (sometimes NOT!) on the Internet. The only problem is that they are of variable quality. Most of the editing, public speaking and camera work problems are just endearing -- and you still get the information. However, when the information trying to be conveyed is obscured by poor lighting or failure to shield the microphone from wind -- it is just too bad (and very hard to stay with the video). My partner sells portable recorders from an online start-up business, so I have been educated somewhat about the quality of digital audio recording available for a couple of hundred dollars and about the very hilarious-looking but effective wind-shield for the microphones -- it looks like a troll-hair wig (if anyone even knows what those toys are anymore.) Plug for Stephanie: (Proud of you dear!)

The YouTube videos were informative and confirmed what the in-person training from The Ecological Landscaping Association had conveyed about fruiting spur buds and branch buds. It was interesting to see the different espalier forms -- and one video even revealed some useful technical information about how to string the wires and connect them (using eye bolts) that I hadn't been able to find out elsewhere. I might need to use some hardware for the porch cordons but the chainlink fence continues to look like it will be a budget-neutral option - I'll just need something to tie down the branches that won't cut them -- one suggestion was cotton laundry rope - very soft, he said.

BTW - the best videos appear to be British or bootleg professional TV episodes of gardening or landscaping shows.

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