Saturday, March 6, 2010

My espalier plans

In addition to putting 2 apple trees against an eight-foot section of my chain-link fence, I will also plant 2-4 apple trees against my front entrance-way. This entrance has a half flight of poured concrete stairs from the street (no, it is not lovely) to a very small square covered entrance-porch. A special kind of single-trunk (no branches) espalier is called a "cordon." Although it is often placed in a series 30 inches apart and at a 30 or 60 degree angle (according to my trusty Organic Encyclopedia) -- another source I saw somewhere said that they could be placed vertically. Apparently, the angle controls the growth of more vigorous cultivars. So, I will likely plant two double-fork cordons to take advantage of the double vertical supports on each side of the entry stairs. I am considering placing a single cordon or vertical espalier with horizontal branches on each side of the square porch, but need to measure again and make sure I am not being too ambitious. (When my partner heard I had upped the plan for the porch from 2 to 4, she exclaimed, "You're always crowding up everything! Give it some room!)

Although I don't always listen to her most excellent advice (love you dear (- :), she may be right about this tendency -- although I prefer to call it my "ambitious streak" rather than my "clutter-bug" -- I am a trained feng shui practitioner, after all. It could be like the rumor about shrinks tho' -- they need help, so they study psychiatry; I need help, so I study feng shui. LOL

More later -- and pictures too, if I can figure out how to upload from our digital camera (yes I am over 25).

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